The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021

Guys, holy shit lol.

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Well this will make the next couple days interesting


I’ve seen rumors eeenf has been getting manipulated to set up for a buyout. No idea if this is true, just stuff guys are saying on other forums. Would be nice if true and maybe get a quarter a share.

How do you get around the $50 fee just to invest in this on fidelity?

etrade cost 4.95 to by OTC stocks

Use etrade or tdameritade, it’s like 5 bucks for the transaction but you will get hit with a 15 dollar foreign transaction fee as well, it doesn’t show during the transaction but will hit your account a day or two later

Looks like I need to set up another account

Sold my 400000 shares this morning, flipped it around and bought the dip and now sitting on 450000 shares, work the swing trades

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Ocgn has risen once again. They just hired a former Pfizer employee to head manufacturing in the us. Video conference later today.

Been holding for months, would happily break even and get out on ocgn

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Diamond hands.

They are making moves that suggest they are fortifying manufacturing and supply chain structures.

Coinbase IPO today. Anyone have thoughts? I’ve got $1k to throw at it.

Trying to do the same. I put in a limit order at the open price for 4 shares.

They’re saying $350 a share now. Nah son lol.

It went up to .14, then dropped back to .12.

I haven’t seen any announcements. You?

I’ll wait for a dip - not sure it’ll come but I won’t be buying at open.

Cramer says anything under $475 is a green light.

He is also responsible for Mark1’s infamous Tesla is not a real company thread.

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Coinbase never dipped low enough for my threshold. Oh well, I bought AMOM instead.

PRCX just expanded my diameter.

This informed a few investments of mine. Well worth the watch.