The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021

OCGN hit my $14 limit this morning. Hopefully there is more steam behind it.

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Tons of volume already. Looks like we could push that 18-20$ range.

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Up 23k on ocgn, LFG! Not bad for getting into stocks at the start of the pandemic. My accounts are worth over 30k all together!

Thinking about putting a sell at $20. I don’t have lots in it, just for fun, and $20 would make it that! Thoughts? Maybe just sell some?

Think it’s only getting better though…

Everything we’ve been hearing is good news. We should get eua which will send it even higher but that’s the big gamble we’re in. If we don’t get eua it’s gonna drop hard.

When will we know about eua?

Any day now, they were hinting at the end of April.

I’m out at $20.

What’s the best real time way to stay on top of the EUA?

Watch the “The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021” on

They have the most accurate, up to the minute information over there.


Stock twits. They are constantly talking about ocgn. Any new news will pop up there pretty quick.

You already do a great job, but I’m relying on you to keep me updated lol

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Starting to form a cup and handle on the 1 year?

Nasdaq taking a shit. We’re still looking good!

Any variants ocgn’s Covaxin can’t neutralize? The Brazilian variant is deadly to younger people. Covaxin is a traditional vaccine that can be given to a 2 year old baby.

Anyone got any news of PRCX?

I’m down big in it right now. Any positive signs? Buy the dip? Get out while you can?

I asked the same on Reddit

Why is Ocugen taking a dump…?

Came to ask this, finally thought it was on the up

I think it’s just a small pull back from an initial over shoot. I think it’s very likely to hit 20 in a month. I’ve bought more on the dip.