The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021

Wanted to share some info, I own an HVAC company and Lennox is having major supply issues. Trane is not much better off. I can’t help but think this will hurt their share price when they under perform in revenue.

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Every manufacturer on the planet is having these issues right now. Supply chain is fucked for a variety of reasons, most notably, diminished workforce. China shipments stuck in Longbeach. Not enough drivers to move containers after they get offloaded. Steel mills under staffed. Chemical shortages creating supply issues for cleaners, coating and adhesive resins, etc, etc.

Aaaaaand nothing lol

Right lol. Chart looks good and positive news so it could be worse!

OCGN is so finicky, like great news and it does nothing but meh news and it shoots up $3 lol.

Touchy bitch.

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Ive got some AMC stocks. But I am looking to invest more in some potential winners. Currently thinking about investing more into Fisker (FSR) for the long term. Also looking into either Palantir Technologies (PLTR) and Cardano (ADA).

Eeenf just acquired 100% of the peregrine well. That’s kinda a big move for a stock that hasn’t really had any big moves since I’ve had it. I got 750k.

We’ll see. I hope an acquisition by a larger player is in the works.

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Look into TAWNF, Thai Airways International. They just started accepting flights from Hong Kong and they’re still under .20/share.i think it can be at $2.00 in a relatively short time


Agreed. The latest moves are just more evidence of what’s in the works.

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A good day so far. My USCR is up like 29% on news of a buyout. OCGN is up. AMC is climbing. APPS is recovering. FSR is up. Let’s have a green week!

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Biogen is up $150(50%) per share today. Their Alzheimers drug was approved. I hope you jackasses took my advice.

I just sold my January '22 $300 calls.


I have been playing with Stockpile but not much. I want to throw a few more dollars here and there…

What can I invest in?

My portfolio so far (shares and total returns as of today):

Carnival 2.30309 shares…+21.03 as of today

Gevo 5.18673 shares…+21.32 as of today

ACB 2.84091 shares…-1.90 as of today

Nokia 3.8168 shares…-3.66 as of today

Put in $80 of my own and a $50 gift card (130), made 37.24 so far lol…

My real stock is on my 401k, which I can’t touch yet without penalties…that sexybeast is upto $490,000, and I still have about 20-25 years until I retire.


not sure if mentioned yet, but anyone following BARK? 146% short interest, 4 days to cover.

I would sell some shares and move some money to cash. Set aside some money to buy when the market dives.

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OCGN announced they won’t be filing for an EUA.

Will instead apply for BLA (whatever the fuck that is). Will extend timelines. Stock is crashing.

Kind of makes sense. Big Pharma has the right to declare the pandemic over either this month or next, so I would guess an EUA would be useless at that point.

I’m already up on this one and playing with house money, so I’ll ride this into the dirt if that’s where it goes. #Istillbelieve

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People buying up the dip. They could get full fda approval but might need to do a trial in the US.

Dude. It’s over. They fucked us.
“We’re going to file”
“We’re going to file”
“We’re going to file”

“Just kidding, we’re not”

EUA didn’t make sense to me. Big Pharma is about to call the pandemic over, which will allow them to begin the proper gouging they are known for. Covaxin will be the safe, low cost alternative for boosters. Novavax is currently trying to get their shit infused with the flu shot. If they pull that off they will have outplayed everyone.

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Yeah I made some money on ocgn and got out relatively quick. Meme -biotech is hard to trust.

Ocgn secures manufacturing deal in US.