The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021


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I’m new to investing in stocks. I appreciate learning from the Og!

88 energy at 343, almost breaking even, its tempting not to sell lol. Last few months were fkn rough. Think I’m gonna hold till January drilling season though

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Let’s see if news drops tonight. If it does it would give the Aussies 2 readings days ahead of the US.

AAPL makin a comeback, next stop $150!

Markets are rippin today!!

I am up HUGE in the last 2 months! Played both the AMZN and AAPL trends with options. We are a bit to toppy here so am playing less aggressive. We should be getting a decent (scary pull back soon)

one of my ideas trades righ now is Buy $VLO at right here at $71. and change…sell at $80.00 ( have 2k shares bought today with a stop at 69 and 68.

good luck!

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I have been in S.E.A. for many years. Thai Airways is aggressively uncompetitive. No one uses it. Ever.

I like aunxf

I moved some more money into mmat, the merger was a shit show but I think they have a great upside

Me too. Lost about 75% but it’s only temporary. Company had a great future.

Anyone buy the dip yesterday? I typically pick up a few extra shares on any big dip like that. Markets are back in the green today.

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Nicely done.

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