The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021

good run up today so far

I think I’ve decided that on my penny stock plays that the thing to do is sell on the first run up. Don’t hold it trying to get that 50 bagger. Could have had 300% on IMTL. Almost sold, and thought, I’m taking it to the moon. Then it crashed. OCGN, bought at $1.61, almost sold at $14. Nah, to the moon. Now it’s $7.00.

It’s just like at the casino, you can’t win unless you quit while you are ahead. If you keep playing until you or the house has all the money, you will lose every time.


Agreed, I hate the too the moon mentality, I take a more conservative approach now, but with that being said it is a whole new world with social media and investing, I search facebook and twitter for my stocks, when I see a huge uptick in interest, that’s when I fall back on the the old adage, buy the rumor, sell the news, I got dicksmacked with cciv and crsr not following that when I got back in the market in January, been better since I changed my thinking

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Bought another 200000 shares of eeenf at .020 right before close, going to keep trying to swing this until next season to build up my shares or they get bought out, will be an interesting experiment, current cost basis with flipping what I bought/sold from yesterday is .0165

I sold my nwgc for some slight profit. Will buy again if it dips. Tired of being a bag holder

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I like it! Your cost average is great as well. A nice position to be able to swing trade

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I wish I would have got in that earlier but I was focusing on eeenf, just bought yesterday, interesting to see where it goes

I had commented this morning on vbhi, it’s up 43 percent for the day, interesting to see where that goes, might be worth looking into

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Ocgn not over here yet.

asx is up 30 percent on open, if they release positive results from their lab analysis, I think it will spike again, not where it was but enough for people to exit at their buy ins, I’m gonna set a limit sell in the morning at .03 on the 200000 shares I bought today and see if it hits on open, I may trim that back after I see how the LSE responds later tonight. This stock is going to tank over this summer from looking at their five year charts. .001 or worse is not out of the picture. Capture profits while you can or minimize your losses, swing it to lower your cost basis or just exit out of it, several guys here are holding 400,000 shares or more. This is going to be volatile over the next 30-45 days before it settles into the summer price, work it the best you can.

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To the fuckin moon!

Haha. Cheeky fucker

I’ll let you know when we land. I’ve been holding for months. People forget how far we’ve come.

I sold all of mine at around $12…debating jumping back in.

Got in on $INND today, up %38 on the day.

Also jumped in on INCT, but that hit me for a loss.

Rewatching now

There is a short squeeze being attempted on SOS this week, like what happened with GME. I dont think they have the numbers gamestop’s had, but who knows. Just throwing this out there.

EEENF opened up at .0255 usd on the LSE, currently up 15 percent and climbing, closed at 36% up on the asx, should see some good movement today

EEENF is showing 45 percent up on premarket, will be interesting to see where this ends up today, last sale was at .03

Bharrat biotech has discussed with ocgn about supplying North America. They’ll need ocgn to produce doses since they have their hands full with India’s massive population. Ocgn could help supply Mexico and Canada. Mexico just approved Covaxin.