The OG gets Rich on Stocks Thread 2021

Dude, I’m still in it too. Sitting on 400

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Just bought more OCGN. Holding in EEENF, made some money but think it will go back up. Anybody think TLRY might go back up?

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Still holding my OCGN bags as well. Hoping for some big news soon.

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Man, TLRY is a stock a lot of people lost on…wild fall from grace.

Interesting read on eeenf


Don’t show that around too much. I may go hard on this when it gets under a penny and hold it until next drilling season.

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lol, will do

I’m still holding 415,000 shares and I’m holding those until next season. After reading that I may buy more.

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Through swing trading over the last couple days I’m sitting on 200,000 again at sub .018 cost basis, hope to get to a million by next season over this summer, they should be releasing their findings from the cuttings in the next month which will probably make it pop, but if it follows their prices over the past five years i’m hoping it drops lower

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Dammit, my phone cant open pdfs for some reason. I hope it’s good news, I’ve been feeling like shit over the last week not locking in 10k profit when I should’ve and now 4k+ in the red. I almost sold today to not lose more, but if there is another good news event coming up I’ll wait till then.

I’m reading it as a “maybe next year” type thing. Lots of positive signs, just haven’t hit paydirt. The signs point to a decent likelihood of success next year. I would guess that is going to make the price dormant until then.

What the hell, I’ll play. In for a G.

Look at it on a pc, but this was the closing words at the end of the article

In closing, as one PN source described
Merlin 1 results: “If it walks like a duck,
quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck,

Good luck guys, but I can’t imagine penny stocks have made too many millionaires. I only put in $100 for this EEENF stock and feel like I learned a valuable lesson.

Not exaggerating one bit, my business partner is up $340,000 on penny stocks since October 2020. He started with $80,000 so he was making decent sized buys. Besides, like several have said this is mostly just for fun.

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I’m sure it has, but in doing so it has turned many thousandaires into hundredaires.

I’m doing OK on them so far. Holding PRCX at about even right now, cashed in 3x gains on IMTL earlier this week. Not an OTC, but made a few K on SNDL a couple months ago. It’s clear you need an exit plan, and don’t expect a stock like EEENF to turn into XOM in a year. Keep it short term, and think lottery tickets. Plan on that money disappearing. Call it a win if you scratch off a $2 prize on a $2 ticket. If you win $5, don’t buy more tickets trying to win the $100,000 grand prize. And keep it a small part of your overall investment strategy.


very well said

I hold 10,000 of prcx. looking forward their next announcement, banking on the coal mine

41000 here.

I went harder than I should have on this one. I’ve exposed myself to a little more risk than I am comfortable with, but I’m no bitch. TO THE FUCKING MOON!!!

upped my holdings of eeenf to 400000 today with an average cost .01897, time to wait for the lab resuls, will keep swinging it till we get them