The OG is obsessed with FS


I know there are a lot of disgruntled and bitter people here but this unhealthy obsession has to stop.

There has long been a false belief here that FS just make threads about all day but clearly that is incorrect. when I visit FS I hardly see any posts about When I visit I see lots of threads bitching about Fightsport.

Maybe if you guys would stop your taunting of them and your constant bitching about them, your perceived problem would cease to exist.

I for one am sick and tired of coming here and seeing so many whiney posts about another website.

lol- you've been busy redneck

lol at ttting every fightsport-related thread created since the forum revamp to make it look like is anywhere near as obssessed with Fightsport as vice versa.

It's a good thing I pointed it out.

Redneck is correct, and Joe Ray is using his liberal spin once again.

There has always been a double-standard when it comes to this subject.

No double standard. Approximately 50% of Fightsport threads are related to Less than 1% of threads are related to Fightsport. Only a fool wouldn't recognise the difference.

Oh. Well that explains it.

they talk about members like its the same forum.

Thats because they are all members here and a significant number have pro memberships.

LOL @ Tsuneo. Doctor-statistics.

The people here are very mean to Fightsport, and I for one, am saddened by it. I wish we could all just get along as one big happy family of fools.