The OG Poop Log

4.21pm - pooping - The R

2.51pm - pooping - The R

3.33pm - pooping - The R

3.25pm - pooping - The R

1.06pm - pooping - The R

Pooped twice before leaving for work this morning, pooped twice before lunch at work. Just got home from work and about to poop again.

I smashed a 12 pack of supreme tacos at midnight last night.

4:08 PM, First solid shit of the day. Fifth shit of the day. I have coronated the log as King Charles, 4th of his name.

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2.27pm - pooping - The R


I haven’t shit since the last time i logged

No shit sherlock

12.14pm - pooping - The R

I did take 3 shits between midnight and 6am last night

3 shits Sherlock.

That might deserve it’s own thread with pics

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Was paying for that spicey breakfast burrito

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1.39pm - pooping - The R

4.48pm - pooping - The R

11.29am - pooping - The R

12.20pm - pooping - The R