The OG Sex Log

At first i thought this would be about some fucked up MacGyver fleshlight you guys were mailing around to each other.

But when I saw the what it was about, i was like

ann b davis alice nelson GIF by HULU

But then i read

Here We Go Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


Can confirm: OP’s mom loves golden showers

If @Fister had kept a log, that OG Fleshlight would still be in rotation today.

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It’s a shame that died. God that was hilarious

Darn OP is a sex machine! Good job OP!

03/12/2022 7:43am

Sexual Status: Relations Affirmative

End log.

10:00- 130am

Again at 10am

Again at noon

Plans for lots more tonight

I got sexed this morning and it was somewhat pathetic. I was spooning the lady and she started groping me backwards reach around style. I pulled her panties down and fucked her doggystyle…sort of. I never quit laying down. I just ravaged her from behind while laying on my right side. Ah well, not trying to win any AVN awards.

Haven’t had a piece of tail since December. Dry season.

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How is @VinegarStrokes not in this thread…

lol So lazy.

Blew my batter all inside and said “good morning”. Im OK with it.

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Used my shower stroker today. My horniness overrides the shame I feel immediately after while you are washing it out and hanging it up to dry.

I never saw it. But it’s a good one.

What’s a shower stroker ?
Post pics

Don’t tell me what to do.

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Hes a rebel!

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10.18am - Sexed - The R

9.37am - Sexed - The R