The OG should support the Lytes Out Podcast

Chris Lytle is on a mission to preserve MMA history through his Lytes Out Podcast on youtube. Him and his cohosts have done some great interviews from what I’ve heard. If you like old school NHB/MMA stories and history… go subscribe to his channel and checkout the instagram, facebook etc…

He also has a Clips channel for when you don’t have time for long podcasts.

Just an awesome channel and I hope it thrives in the crowded podcast space.


Horrible format with everybody on zoom but Chris lytle was the man Drew fickett was the man I’m definitely going to listen to this driving to work on Monday thank you sir

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I’ve been watching more and more tons of in depth cool stories.




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i listen often
good stuff with no commercials

Chris is good people & should be supported


I met CL back at UFC55 and took a pic with him. Dude was such a nice guy.

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The one with Marcus Davis was insane.

Great interview if you are interested in Lions Den history from someone who was there from the start.

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I do. Love the show.

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