The Ohio State Buckeyes

Tresselball strikes again.

My little brother got tickets in the C deck, we sat two rows into the addition. It was like Ron Jaworksi's coachcam - we could watch the plays develop.

Zwick will be a good quarterback when he calms down and stops trying to force the ball to Santonio Holmes - although I would have liked to see another play action bomb right after the Thundering Herd's unsuccessful fake FG.

Lydell Ross running into the line and falling down just isn't going to cut it, what the Bucks really need a breakaway tailback. If MC was still playing in Columbus, the game would not have been close.

I would have liked to see the punt team do better, hopefully Turano can start pinning teams inside their own 20 with greater frequency. If not, it will be a long season in Columbus.

Nuge's game winner would have been good from 70 yards out. He is, as they say, the bomb.

You know, I'd like to see them win a game by 10 pts or so. Don't know how they can play with and beat the elite teams in the country but seem to fight like mad against the Marshall's and Cincinnatti's of the world.

The Buckeyes seem to play to the level of the other team. Or Tressel is getting kickbacks from the cardiology dept at OSU hospital for each saturday heart attack.

The turnovers is another problem, the Bucks are -7. Zwick should calm down and throw less INTs as the season progresses, but if the defense doesn't get some takeaways there will be a lot of OSU fans taking a trip to Orlando for the Outback bowl.

buckeyes arent a national championship team they will go around 8-3 this year. they are ranked wayyy to high and will probably lose to nc state next game.

If their defense can't pressure the quarterback and win the turnover battle, the Buckeyes will be lucky to go 3-8.

At least the Wolfpack doesn't have Philip Rivers anymore, he was a gamer. If the Bucks can't contain TA McClendon, it will be a long afternoon in Raleigh.

Tommy, as an OSU fan, I hate to agree with you but you're probably right. This team is built for next year.

Heard it here first =)

ABR - anybody but Ross.

The Luckeyes do it again and pick up where they left off last year. I can't wait for them to be taken behind the woodshed October 16th in Iowa City.

BTW: The kicker is really good and it is lucky that OSU has him because they did many other things to try and lose that game.

I'd rather be lucky than good - the Buckeyes even have a giant good luck symbol for a stadium.

Maybe that's why they haven't lost a home game in 2 years.

This is a young team like our Championship season with alot of potential. With this much talent all around coached by Jim Tressel you're going to have alot of wins.

Zwick is possibly the most talented qb to play for OSU, he'll calm down and stop throwing interceptions. What other team is 2-0 with 0/7 on turnovers? Once the turnover situation gets resolved alot of people will see a team capable of winning the Championship.

They lost 3 D Linemen to the NFL draft. Will Smith in the 1st round and both Darrien Scott & Tim Anderson in the 3rd.

The new guys need to step up and put pressure on the other teams QB. Pressure causes fumbles, poor reads, bad throws - all of which lead to turnovers.

The Buckeyes finally got some turnovers. 3 picks and a fumble. I don't want to hate on Lydell Ross, but the Buckeyes really miss MC in the backfield.

Nuge for Heisman.


Next up, Northwestern.

Hopefully, the Buckeyes defense can stop the run, apply more pressure on the QB and win the turnover battle. I'd like to see the offense move the ball as well.

Unless the Buckeyes can get it done on offense it's Outback bowl time. Bloomin' Onion, anyone?

There were some NC State fuckers talking all kinds of trash here. Where are they now?

At least I show up for my post game smack talking beating... reference my "Crow tastes like POO" thread.

Anybody, ANYBODY but Ross!

Eric Haw is supposed to be good, but I heard he's gonna be redshirted.

I agree, get Pittman the ball more.

It is yet to be determined if I will begin to post on this thread depending on the result of this weeks Michigan vs. Iowa game.

Iowa 17
That Team up North 30