The Ohio State Buckeyes

I hope that they can pull off the win tonight so Iowa can be the first team to beat them, and I will be there to watch.

Damn it I guess we will just have to be second.

Lydell Ross sucks, Pittman looks a little better. WR Santonio Holmes looks pretty good, but overall, OSU receivers dropped about 4 balls. Zwick holds the ball too long (as bad or worse than Michigan's true freshman Henne) and missed a few wide-open receivers. He also doesn't seem to have a strong arm - Zwick was intercepted down the middle by the CB covering the sideline guy who was able to come off his man to make the pick. I wouldn't trade Zwick for Henne right now.

Defensively, OSU had no pass rush, didn't stop the run consistently and didn't really stop the pass either.

OSU made some blunders (like dropping the potential winning catch, the Zwick fumble), but made some big plays (the ridiculous 49 yard catch, the PR for a TD). Northwestern also had a few blunders (2 bad INT's, dropped ball that would've iced the game). So this was not a fluke game where all the breaks and turnovers went against OSU. OSU does not look that good. I'm feeling much better about Michigan's chances after this game.


Go U Northwestern, break right through that line

With our colors flying, we will cheer you all the time

U Rah Rah

Go U Northwestern fight for victory

Spread far the fame of our fair name

Go Northwestern win that game!


LOL @ Ohio State .

Their luck finally ran out

I was going to listen to this game on the radio, but I was tired and went to bed early - exactly like I did for the Wisconsin game last year.

Even though their offense was ugly, the Buckeyes were in position to win the game at the end, this time they just made mistakes where before they made plays.

Nuge missing a 40 yard FG in OT sure didn't help, but the main problem is the Bucks haven't been able to move the ball on the ground since #13 left.

Nuge is normally automatic. He makes the field goal, and the defense knows the team wins if they get a stop.

Psychology is everything.

Regardless, you are correct about the offense being the main problem. I think that when Zwick becomes more confident and adapts to the speed of D1 football, the opposing defense won't be able to play with 9 guys in the box.

If not, the Buckeyes will be lucky to go 7-5.

Good thing for OSU is that you should not have problems recruiting a good QB for next year.

Tapped out is right about pocket presence - I have not seen a UM or OSU QB with less pocket presence than Zwick, not even Sophomore Navarre on a bad day. Zwick can scramble a little, but that's it. Still not convinced about Zwick's arm. Bomb #1 was a wounded duck prayer. And on that INT, the ball was so slow that Backes came clear across the field to make the pick.

Usually the winner of the UM/OSU game is the team with the better QB. The only exception I can think of is 1995 and 1996 and 1995 was because of Tim Biakabutuka. Think about it: 1997 (Sr. Griese vs. Jackson/Germaine) 1998 (experienced Germaine vs. young Brady) 1999 (Sr. Brady vs. Bellisorry) 2000 (Henson vs. Bellisorry) 2001 (Krenzel vs. young Navarre) 2002 (Krenzel vs. growing, but still bad Navarre) 2003 (finally good Navarre vs. injured Krenzel).

So far, I feel great about UM's chances this year.

I don't even want to think that far ahead...

Wisconsin has the best defense in all the land. With the Badger's best tailback off the injured list, the outlook is grim for The Ohio State University.

The only positive is that the game is taking place at The Shoe, where the Buckeyes haven't lost in 2 years. However, if the offensive and defensive lines don't win the war in the trenches that streak will come to an end.

Gosh darn turnovers. Bloomin' onion, anyone?

If the Buckeyes continue to turn the ball over and fail to establish a running game, Iowa will run up the score next week.

I don't even want to think about Nov 20th.

It's OVER, it's allllll over.

crys in beer

We have Tapped Out and his drunken Buckeye bet to thank for this.

Bad Karma.

You're right. Sun Bowl?

The Bucks could have won if they could move the ball, the fumbled punt by Santonio Holmes was a nail in the coffin.

Why wasn't Ginn back there?

I am looking forward to seeing the Buckeyes in Kinnick on Saturday.

"then the Bearcats go out and lay a turd against fucking UAB"

LOL, so how do you feel about giving Army their first win in 20 games? LOFL

I sympathize man, I am a TCU fan (my father went there). They damn near gave Army their first win the week before, after getting stomped by Texas Tech and losing by a point to fucking USF (in fort worth no less).

I think TCU's defense is ranked 117th, fucking embarassing. They used to be vaunted, usually ranked in the tops five (and 1 and 2 2000 and 2001). God damn coaches are always talking about how fast the secondary is, well that doesn't mean shit when you cant tackle worth a fuck and you let short passes go for 40+ yards. I think they need to scrap the 4-2-5, it doesnt work anymore.

Take your Horned Frog talk elsewhere.

The only soft defense we can talk about on this thread wears silver helmets.

Hey Buckeyes,

Love Iowa