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That’s pretty much my thought too.

I have issues not seeing her as Maeby Fünke.


Spoiler alert.

This is correct.

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Lucky girl, her and Brad Pitt are fuck buddies.

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Really? I’m not into all of the gossip stuff.

They have been good friends and hang out together for years. I hadn’t seen her since arrested development and just want to see what she was up to.

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Hey old man! next time don’t wait til your ass is kicked and you’re in zipcuffs before you whistle for your doggies to come rescue your ass. That was just stupid.

He wanted to disarm the Fed before he called in the dogs. As bad ass as those pooches are, they would have been dead in seconds if he called them in while the Fed still had his gun.


I think they were fighting for quite a while with no weapon before he got subdued.

Oh so I see I missed part of the mystery or reveal by stating at episode 3.

Was trying to figure out or thinking the John Lithgow character must know it was his daughter.

Reading these comments makes sense now.

Spoiler if you haven’t watched ep 2

The sequence in episode 2 where the divorcee and cops have interaction had me yelling at TV until they backed it out. I wish they would have kept it in. That was the great thing about the early GOT, anyone could die at any point

Episode 3 out, its very good again.

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I think the scorned husband is simply out for revenge at any cost.
So is the woman dead or alive in the trunk?

Lol god damn those dogs again

Episode 1 : Awesome
Episode 2 : OK
Episode 3: Boring AF

My wife summed it up pretty well, this series is turning into a movie on the Lifetime network.

I’ll still watch, but man I hope it picks up.

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