The Old Man

premieres tonight on FX 10PM EST. Looks like it might be a pretty good show.


looks like they are playing the first two episodes back to back. From 10PM to 1AM. Seems like an odd opener, but I’m in.

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I’m watching this. Looks cool and when Bridges is on point he’s one of the best actors.


Hell yeah!

I fucking love Jeff Bridges. Everything he touches is gold. I’m in.

Dumb question - is FX included in any basic package on any of the 10 quadrillion streaming services available? I have access to: Hulu, Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock

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oh man, lithgow is in it too. i hope he plays a major role.

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Yeah, he is supposed to be a major part. Him and Bridges together should be fantastic.

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They play on there a day after it shows on live tv

He makes a great bad guy when hes on his game.

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I’ll watch, but I can’t do week to week anymore.

Once it’s finished I’ll binge it.

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He’s one of the best. I think he got a little type cast with 3rd rock, but he’s a legit real actor. I’m glad he’s still working.

Heads up. It’s starting in 20mins.

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Can’t stand waiting week to week

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Dutch apple pie… It’s terrific

The Old Man knows some Jits!

I tuned in for Bridges and Lithgow. A TV show with those two guys is likely going to be good.

Watched the first episode, and it was awesome. Started off slow, but did a great job of building up Bridges up as a scary ‘Keyser Soze’ type character and establishing Lithgow as an adversary with a shared history (like Pat Garrett to Bridge’s Billy the Kid). Was also pleased that Bridges struggled to deal with his younger counterpart in the fight scene, rather than having him effortlessly whoop the ass of a man 50 years younger than him. That final scene where he drops the phone and asks Lithgow ‘you recognize me now?’ was brilliant, symbolizing his transformation back into the monster he used to be and that Lithgow once knew.

Can’t wait to watch episode two today.

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I liked it [i’m a fan of both guys] but some of the dialog seemed silly. When Lithgow is on the phone with the hit man he keeps stressing how Bridges will do anything to save his own life. Wouldn’t anyone do this? I tuned in about 5 minutes after it started and was unsure if i missed anything cause i was lost about what was happening until about halfway in.

I watched both episodes last night. There are a lot of moving parts to his background and the second episode reveals more of his past and what is going on. I have a few theories early on about some of the characters. I like it so far. I also like how it was stated before that he didnt just roll through that dude in the car fight, that shit was long and drawn out and was fantastic. Previews of episode 3 looks like it is going to be good also.

I’m weird. I like all the people mentioned (Bridges/Lithgow) and I hope the show does well but I’ll prolly never ever watch it. I don’t watch TV anymore.