The Old Man

Stream it. It’s also on Hulu and if you dont have that, just pirate it.


Why the fuck doesnt it show any of the brutality? He shoots the guy but it doesnt show the taking the bullet. Twice already.

I was surprised all of the F-bombs they allowed to be dropped.

Would you kill 5000 kids I’d it meant you weren’t captured killed? That’s the level ofdo anything he was referring to

I read the bridges character stole 20 million from libya during a mission. I don’t know how that figures in with afghan warlord

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Episode 2 was sort of a dud but I feel like its going to pick up on the next episode

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Yeah, I think it was to tell more about his background and bring some of the other players into the show. Next week looks good.

New episode in an hour!


So fucking good. Best choreographed scenes I’ve ever seen. Episode one so far. Blown away.

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this weeks episode was kind of meh, still into it tho

i dont love the woman that is in it, i forget her name, she always reminds me of alanis morrisette for some reason…

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Yeah, it was kind of slow and mostly background stuff. Big reveals will be happening next week. Only 3 episodes left. The woman at the end had some balls though. Shit she is trying to pull.

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Yeah I don’t get her sudden badassedness. Kill her.

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lol agreed!

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Saw episode 1 last night. Very well written, and the fight choreography was very believable.

Nothing like having a guys back , trying to sink a rear naked in, and mule kicking him in the balls

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That’s exactly what I was thinking.

For a guy who is supposedly an amoral bad ass who will do ANYTHING to survive, meek acceptance of her terms seems awfully out of character. He should have reached across the table and choked her out, tied her up, started cutting off parts until she gave up her insurance policy, then shot her in the head and buried her in the desert. He went from a monster who scares even the CIA to a simp who gets put in his place by a housewife.