The old men on the UG cry over another legend

I thought Fedor would beat up Hendo cause the size but Hendo lookedm big and solid tonight.

Herb stopped it perfect, Fedor flatlined and got woke up by the next punch. Have to stop it when Herb saw Fedor dead flat on his face.

Big props to Hendo, he still has that power even after Fedor dropped him with a couple brutal shots.

This is 2011 not 2005, MMA is way more talented today than Pride fighters used to be.

I'd like to see Fedor have 1 more fight I guess (which would be 4 losses in a row), he looked alright tonight, not UFC caliber though.

In early, btw 2/10 try harder next time.

I am an old guy and have no problem with the outcome of fight.
I do however have a serious dislike for smartass disrespectful young punks like yourself.
You seem to go out of your way to show your ignorance.
I sincerly hope that some old guy stomps your ass someday.

Um, Henderson is about six years older, started fighting a few years earlier, and started in Pride before Fedor.

So...nice try kid. Don't worry, one day you'll get the hang of the internet.