The Olympics are now officially ruined

While this is lame, we still have wrestling and other sports (track marquee events, gymnastics, swimming) that should deliver. A piece of shit weird chick shot putter shouldn’t ruin some great competition.

I’ll watch golf, given the new guidance I have no interest in watching any of the other events. Only thing going for the Olympics is that every other network runs crap while they are on. I hope the ratings suck so bad the networks don’t even bother bidding on it anymore. Athletes that turn their back on our flag or kneel should be banned from future games.

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I was really hoping these Olympics were going to be something special with the tranny domination of the women’s division but who really wants to see a bunch of spoiled athletes throwing political tantrums. Most ppl don’t as seen from NFL and especially NBA ratings over the last yr

There’s lot of criticism going around regarding this year’s games. Everything from safety to food to lodging is reportedly very substandard for the olympics.

Watch on Mute, easy


they going to bend the rules for the chick with the doobies?

prediction - tranny issues and protests at medal ceremonies will be a tiny fraction of the stories at the olympics this year. if you choose to get so triggered by it that you cant appreciate any of it then ok. thats your choice.

Calm down it’s just so everyone can protest China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims

I won’t be tuning in.

I’m excited. I think IOC is going to demand Katie Ledecky take a DNA test to prove that she is not 1/2 fish after the 1500m freestyle.

No one is triggered. Sports have no place for politics. It’s the one place where you with high-five the people around you regardless of race, orientation, etc. Sports bring people together, the political statement split people apart.


You have now been unwatched by Camicom.

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Well you won’t worry about Gwen Berry making any political statements on the podium. She won’t be anywhere near the medals podium. Even though she took third in the US trials her best throw was nearly 7 meters behind Deanna Price’s best throw. And Deanna’s best throw was about 2 meters short of the WR. The only thing preventing Gwen Berry fading into obscurity is people continuing to talk about her.

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Good to know, hope the commie finishes dead last.

Maybe but it is a sign of times. Watch if you want, I haven’t watched the last 2 and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing in my life. Sports in general gets way too much attention in my humble opinion. Use the time to play with your kids or take the dog/wife/GF for a walk .



Can they pound that into the ground anymore?