The One Way Akebono Can Win

After thinking this through, I can only imagine one way Akebono can beat Royce. First, he won't submit Royce, as probably everyone will agree. Second, it seems very very unlikely he'll beat Royce with strikes as that's not really in his arsenal and Royce will be too quick. Third, he won't tire Royce out using superior cardio.

The only way I see it happening is if he injures Royce somnehow with his weight. Falling on Royce's arm or leg, or something of that nature. Any thoughts on other ways he could realistically beat Royce?

thank you captain obvious. =)

Sumo's forte is to throw and slam the opponent, Akebono is going to try to hurt Royce on the way down. Royce, if your listening.. practice your ukemi!