The only person who could come close to Austin

 as a coach on Tough Enough would be Kurt Angle.  He would be equally as good.

While I think Bret Hart would make a really good trainer, it is obvious that a large part of the show's success was due to Austin in the ring with the bottom 3 each week and the way he talked.  Hart, while likely a great trainer wouldn't be able to match this.

Angle would bring his own stuff to the table.

Just my .02

I think Jericho or HBK would be good. Phone Post

didn't jericho smash him into a tv during his segment which tore/seperated his retina?

 I like Jericho and Michaels, but no.  Yeah may appeal to the hardcore wrestling fans, but not to the masses.  Only Angle could pull it off like Austin as head trainer.  We are talking ratings here.

Angle or HHH could do it. Maybe Taker if someone helped him cover the promo work before

 no, HHH is basically a fraud-uh

I am a badass-uh

and I paid my dues-uh

by carrying bags for the clique-uh

Then by marrying the bosses daughter-uh

Dude would have everyone walking out on the first day with what an ass he is-UH.

I don't see Angle pulling it off. He would be too eager to get right in the contestant's faces. Austin keeps it funny. Really he is the perfect choice for that job. I don't see anyone else being able to get that mix of intensity and humor.

The best wrestling trainers in the last 30 years have been usually the "worst" superstars, or jobbers.

Same reason why most big name sports athletes make bad coaches. It's the scrubs who do the most work and dedicate to learning everything to try to make themselves better performers.

 anybody but HHH

actually I was VERY shocked we didn't see Triple H this past season

The honkeytonk man