The only problem w/ UFC pay

The only problem I see is that GSP is making 14 Grand more than Franklin (the friggin' champion!!) I am not saying that GSP isn't worth it, but Franklin should be making more.

As far as those only getting 2,000 etc., they know that once they build their names up, the paydays will come.

Settle down. Contracts are a gamble for either side.

He is in a shitty cotract. However, it will be over soon and he can renegotiote. Good luck to the UFC getting a similar contract in this go round.

he signed a contract that was extremely good for the
time. he did well in the UFC, fought in Japan and got
ko'd then didn't have a fight for awhile.

at 16,000 to show, all he had to do was fight twice
and he'd already be making around what he was making
for a full year as a teacher. and that's if he didn't

at the time, it offered him the chance to fight for a
living while maintaining his current lifestyle.

now of course, that sucks. im sure Zuffa is giving him
some perks so that he'll resign when the contract is