The only way to solve the mysteries of the universe…

is to boost our IQ, to make ourselves smarter.

Dogs don’t know why their owners only keep feeding them dogfood, not red meat, because they are dumb.

Cockroaches have no idea why humans hate them so much, because they are dumb.

Race horses got no clue why they are forced to run while being whipped by a 98-pound weakling, because they are dumb.

So, isn’t it just that we are not smart enough to understand what the entire universe is made of?

Shouldn’t we spend more of our resources trying to create more intelligent humans, rather than on the Hubble Telescope or stuff like that?

That’s what the Hubble is trying to do.

The Hubble is a look into the past of what things were doing billions of years ago

If we know where how things came from. Maybe we can figure what and why it is

Genetic engineering to increase intelligence is needed.

We will get there one day

Needs, wants and desire. Spoken like true broken humans, unfulfilled and unhappy with the lives they have.

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The only logical response to this is death.

“To live is to sleep, to die is to awaken,” a quote by the old rattlesnake-skinning man from La Bamba who was also Bob’s spiritual father.

They’re going the other way. They’re making people dumber and technology smarter.

The goal right now is to make technology smarter than people, which is incredibly dumb and dangerous for people to pursue.

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Take a walk in nature w no access/service to anything. They dont want that. You will be dependent

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They won’t find the source of the universe…ever! For one, they’re looking in the wrong damn direction. And two, they are looking for some-thing or that has some physical characteristic that can be seen or measured. The story that it started from an incredibly dense and hot, tiny ball of matter, is no different than the stories of most Religions.

The Universe, and the human being observing it and trying to figure out its mysteries, come from, and are made of the same source. In scientific terms, it’s called energy. Energy cannot be seen. It has no form or physical qualities/characteristics. It is not and cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed (first law of thermodynamics). It is uncreated, pure infinite potential which can create. It is intelligent. It is Aware. Another term used for it ,which science doesn’t use but recognizes as a fundamental aspect of existence, is Consciousness. Consciousness, and what they call Energy, are two different words for the exact same thing.

The old question “how does something come from nothing” seems to be a difficult thing to answer until you realize that just because something can’t be seen, or is empty of physical and/or matter like qualities,doesn’t mean it does not exist. What can be created and destroyed (i.e., matter and/or the Universe made of matter) comes from, and is made out of, what cannot be created nor destroyed.


Thank you, Swami Fartastic

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Lol… :laughing:

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