The Open Stage

Warning: FRAT

I discovered an open stage at a small bar near my house a few weeks ago and forgot how fun these things can be. Not so much to play, but for the experience.  Its always suprising what people do, people are weird. The more out there they are, the more I enjoy the show... From a distance if I can help it. 

You could say the open stage is one giant step beyond Karaoke because any drunken idiot can get up in spur of the moment in front of a crowd of buffoons and bellow off-key Grease songs into a reverb saturated mike, but at an open stage you pretty much need to own or at least have possession of an instrument and have spent enough time on it to  at least approach playing a song by yourself. 

 Some folks are pretty proficient and sing ably, these ones bore the piss out of me. Some folk are incredibly good and its suprising they're not famous or something, and sometimes they are or were at one point. But my favorite is the one who gets up and can't sing or play to save their lives, but they get up there, oblivious to how they sound and lay it on the line. Sometimes if really funny or really painful, but its always my favorite part of the evening. I think if they focused on learning and practicing hours a day and blah blah blah they would be great, but then they would lose the powerful inspiration that pushes them to perform.  Its like when babies hum and mumble songs, they come from somewhere pure.

Maybe I just drink too much sometimes.

"I just drink too much sometimes. "

Fixed that for you.

The Only Cafe?

Close, the Renaissance.

Cool, never been to that spot.

I used to go to the Only Cafe on Sunday nights for their jam. One time I was there, it was like Broken Social Scene meets Blue Rodeo.

Seeing the Apostle of Hustle with Cuddy was kind of neat and weird at the same time.

Thats pretty cool, not quite as ghetto as the one I've been hitting, haha.

I didn't know they had a Sunday jam at the Only, is it still going on?

Not sure, actually. This was almost two years ago, when I was hanging out in that hood more. I'll ask a buddy who still frequents the place.

Not a lot of open mic's my area. The only real music thing I hit with any regularity are Tuesday nights at Gate 403 with Donne Roberts and Julian Fauth.

You live out in the west end?

Yeah, lived out here my whole life. It's like living in a small town, even though it's the city.

I live right on Roncesvalles, about a ten minute walk south of Gate 403.