The other Pope

anybody here know anything about the Pope of the Coptic church?

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here ya go:

My Pope's clothes are cooler.

well.....that was insightful lol

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heh, sorry...I'm in such a good mood after Saturday's game, nothing could phase me today...

Whoa, Is that hairdo photoshopped or do they worship Elvis?

The R.C. Pope hat is way cooler.

Back in the day (1700s) the two Popes got mad at each other and excommunicated each other from their respective churches.

elgringo, do you have any links on that? I fnid it hard to believe since you have to actually be in communion with the Pope to be excommunicated by him. I don't believe the coptic pope (or whatever it is they call him) ever claimed to be in communion with him...otherwise there would be no schism.

"Back in the day (1700s) the two Popes got mad at each other and excommunicated each other from their respective churches."

If true, that is hilarious.

Its an old Russian joke or anecdote or whatever.

The point of it is how silly the two Popes are and think they are so almighty, when neither one really cares about being in the other's church.

And I don't know who that guy is, but Im talking about the Roman Catholic Pope excommunicating the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch and vice a versa.

"Eastern Orthodox Patriarch"

how many Popes are there?

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I'm talking about the Egyptian Coptic Church Pope, he's even refered to as "Pope"

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Ohh ok, I was thinking of the Eastern Orthodox head honcho, the Patriarch.

More information about the Coptic Church and Pope Shenouda can be found from

"there is only one pope, the Eastern orthodox Patriarch is simply the head bishop and holds no more spiritual authority really then a bishop would."

LOL That just sounds funny to me. Did somebody actually measure their spiritual power with a gigercounter or something? Is the Pope a higher level priest than the patriarch? More hit points?

The stuff is all made up, so none of them hold any spiritual authority. Its just an ancient institution with a bunch of ignorant old fogies saying they talk to spirits etc. . .

I disagree with you, but LOL @ "more hit points?"

"Is the Pope a higher level priest than the patriarch?"

According to Catholic tradition (and the Bible - Matthew 16:17-19) Jesus made Simon Bar-Jonah His successor and renamed him Peter.
From that point Peter held a special position among the disciples (Apostles-to-be). Peter's status is very central to events described in The Acts and he performs the first miraculous healing (Acts3:6-7), his name is always mentioned first ["Those present were Peter, John, James... (Acts1:13), "Peter stood up with the Eleven" (Acts2:14), "Peter and John (many references), etc].

The Pope, being a successor of St. Peter, is "the first among equals" ("Primus inter pares"). The popes are not comparable to Jesus, but their position is special in a way. Let's just say that if God blesses us with a reunion of the Christian churches, the Pope will sit on the end of the table and the Coptic pope, Greek patriarch, Ethiopian patriarch, Syrian patriarch, Anglican archbishop, Armenian patriarch and Russian patriarch will sit on his both sides.

The passing centuries have brought a positive development into that direction, as many Eastern Rite churches have reunited with Rome. (The Egyptian Coptic Catholics reunited in 1741, the Ethiopian Ge'ez Rite Catholics reunited 1846, the Indian Malankar Rite Catholics reunited in 1930 and so on. All these churches have their distinct identities, but they're in full communion with the Holy Mother Church.

"The stuff is all made up, so none of them hold any spiritual authority."


lol Helwig, when I was typing that I thought exactly "I bet Helwig will like the hit points comment, but will disagree with me"

Gringo, there is actually a hilarious magic the gathering card making program out there that is super simple to use. But it has great potential for abuse so use discretion if you come across it.