The Passion: consequences

This is a brainstorm thread.

Ok, we can believe, thru the reviews we´ve been reading about the film, that it is a moving one.

People will be touched.

Will there be more Christians after the Eastern?

Will people try to behave better, to love each other?

Will people from other religions learn something good with this movie?

Any other questions you can think about?

My suggestion is that you post your picks here, save the thread, and read it again after the movie is released.

- Some Jewish groups will whine.

- Some Muslim groups will whine.

- Lots of general anti-defamation groups (who generally spend more time defaming people than helping them...) will whine.

- Some people from all faiths (and atheists) will find it to be an inspiring movie.

- Some people will probably be inspired enough to convert, or rekindle their faith (according to Gibson a bunch of Muslims and atheists on the set converted).

- Half the OG will say how brilliant it is.

- Half the OG will say how crap it is.

- The above two groups will bitch and argue ad infinitum.



Thanks for the laugh on the OG...

That brings other questions: how long will it stay on the screens? Will it make over US$ 1 billion?

I'd like to see this movie and Luther.


IBI is correctomundo!

If the movie is as good as some people believe it will be, many will be touched and inspired. I don't necessarily believe we'll see a mass of conversions but I think that most will learn something about Christ's passion or a new perspective.


no matter the consequences...i wanna see it

I think people will be pretending they are NT biblical scholars because they think they have found a "historical" account of the end of the life of Jesus.

Jewish people will be relieved to find the film is not anti-Semitic.

Lapsed Catholics will re-explore the Church.

Some non-Catholic Christians will re-evaluate their view of Mary.

Some secularists will become Christians.

Other secularists will be made to look like fools for raising a stink, will be angered by a reduction in moral relativity and an increase in moral absolutes, will harden their hearts even further and look for their next anti-religion gimmick.

I think that about sums it up BMac. One other thing I would add to that:

I bet about 90% of the Christians will go home after the movie, and re-read the Gospels.