The Passion move set: coincidence?

I remember we had a thread on here about miracles. A lot of christians were listing off a lot of rare and fairly rare occurances and said they were caused by a higher diety.

The skeptics of the board said that all these "miracles" were just coincidences and were seen as miracles because people are always looking for miracles and want to believe in them.

Well here's a very very rare and strange event that recenty happened. I want to know everyone's opinion on it.

During the filming of the move, 'The Passion' (a Mel Gibson movie about Jesus Christ) the actor who plays Jesus was struck by lightning. Twice.

Coincidence? Act of God? Act of Satan? Act of Ganesha? What are your thoughts?

yes its a coincidence...

dont use metal umbrella's when its lightning out

If coincedences weren't very rare then noone would ever notice them.

But why can't this be an act of God?

Its certainly a lot more hinting at "something" than the other miracles described.

Why does it have to be? Why does God have to use incidents that can be explained by chance? Why wouldn't he just put up a big thumbs up in the sky if he wanted to communicate? That would definately not be a coincedence.

It can be, and it will be to those who want to believe it enough. But it doesn't have to be.

What about the man who was struck 7 times before he killed himself out of fear of getting number 8? Maybe God drove him to suicide. Or maybe that was odd chance too.

Crescentwrench has grounded himself to the correct.

Get it? GROUNDED.....


Ahem. Sorry.