The Passion Of The Shammy

Or Tito vs. Ken. The Passion Of The Shamy is what the fight should be called. Plus think about all the similarities between Ken and Jesus. He has disciples (Tre, Mezger) and many followers (his fans) and people that think he is a total sham (the nonbelievers). He got the crap kicked out of him (vs. Tito) and he will resurrect June 19. Comments?

true, true

I think he already got crucified by Tito.

yes you could make comparisons that he always gets nailed good!or that he got crucified last time out!or that he has more holes in his game than the man himself!or he will say in his next fight petey my heart....forgive kimo for he knows not what he does!or skills why have you forsaken me!or kimo will say shammy sure does look cross he got nailed again!or ken will yet again resurect his career after being beat........

To add to the analogy: People fall down when he lays his hands upon them.

There is 2x the amount of replys/comments on the PASSION OF OGAWA thread. This was the start of the Passion threads. keep it going


I would have liked to see Tito fight Ken of lets say 95.Have Tito fight at 230 thats what he walks around at.Ken would own him destroy him.Ken will be back.Tito better come back too cuz he got whooped by sorry ass Lidell.

Frank = Judas ?

Now if you can convince Kimo, he'll bow down to Shamrock and be at his mercy. It's just crazy enough to work.

lol at Frank=Judas

lol@frank being judas

I am going to go with Shammy in this one as the under dog.

Ken Shammy is our Friend. me and my daddy love him,too

Ken Shammy is our Friend. me and my daddy love him,too

Ken Shammy is our Friend. me and my daddy love him,too

Seriously, 45 lbs difference is crazy. It's a tough hill to climb. I hope Shammy's super strength kick sin.

Let the children come to Ken. He is the good shephard.

He has Risen!!!