The Pav on sponsors...

I agree and disagree. I agree that major sponsors should step up, Nike sponsors boxers so why not MMA? On the other hand why should fighters wait for sponsors when they could brand themselves if they do it right?

Enough fighters together and your label would be strong. Who would know more about developing training equipment then those that train? I am sure if you got a dedicated person with a biomechancis graduate degree he could build some really awesome training gear situated for MMA.


The Pav, Judging from your eyes, I am starting to believe your claim that you work 24/7 on your clients' behalf.


I know, look at those bags. She caught me the day of the UFC where I had three guys on the card and I had been working aroung the clock. I needed rest. It didnt help that we were outside in Vagas facing the sun.

Ill have to watch that when I get back.

Im actively pursuing sponsors for Rory Markham for his next fight against Jay Heiron on August 2nd. It is at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, NJ. Semi-Finals of the IFL playoffs.


I respect your ability to accept a good-natured jibe, The Pav. For the record, you came across as very credible in your interview. I also liked the way you adapted the "waiting for the shoe to drop" phrase to make a good point about the size of sponsors who are currently in the ball game.


Come on... never underesimate the power of The Pav... I am a law school grad with a masters from the school of hard knocks. I dont have 36 guys by accident.

FYI... have Baroni and Pyle on the card tonight. Niko was flown in but not used as Ninja was cleared late. He was compensated for stepping up though.

It took Nike years to sponsor a boxer. I believe RJJ was the first


I honestly never knew why Pav was catching such flack on the internet.

It is obvious that he works his ass off for his guys.

The Pav, Was that the Exeter School of Hard Knocks, the Andover School of Hard Knocks, or the Choate School of Hard Knocks?

The Pav and his team do indeed work around the clock. They are extremely professional and a real class act.

I'm kinda surprised that Pyle is on the undercard.

I would think that an insurance company (health insurance, life insurance, financial etc, even Geico) would be a great company to sponsor mma ... what better spokesmen for someone who NEEDS insurance than an mma athlete?

The point I was trying to make is NASCAR drivers are suppored by sponsors. The NFL PLAYERS are not. While they do see the benefits from licenced merchandise the sponsors sponsor the league and the broadcast, not the players.

Shit, look at pro surfers and skaters. They make ALL there money from sponsers and alot of them make very good money. IMO it would be cool to see companies like oakley, hurly, lost (same as o'neil and metal molitia now) ect.. pick up some fighters. They all sponser most of the "Xtreme sports" now days.