The Pee Story

So in another thread someone asked me to expand on the "Pee" Story.

I'll start by doing that in this thread.

It was a warm fall evening in the early 1990's when this story takes place.

It was a Saturday night at our Fraternity house and were planning on having our annual fal bash called the "Tropical Storm."

The kegs were tapped, the doors were opened and we waited for people to arrive.

It was a success.

We had a lot of friends show up both GDI and Greek but mor eimportantly, we had a lot of women there. 

A LOT of women.

Sororities, sports teams, cheerleaders, and girls from residences.

The evening was going on excellent until one of the party captains received a troubling bit of info.

A bunch of girls could not find their friend. They knew she did not leave and they were concerned.


This can be the kiss of death for a Frat. No one wants something to go wrong at a party like this. 

We had party captains for this reason. Guys who stayed sobor and monitored the house so no f*ckery would go on, either by bros or guests.

All it took was one allegation and things could go bad.

So we immediatey took up the search of the house and surroundng grounds.

We found nothing.

Like most Frat houses, there are a limited number of bathrooms. For the most part these are designated for the ladies since you don't want women leaving because they have no where to pee.

The bathrooms that night were watched at one point so that women got to cut to the front of the line if there was one.

The men however had taken to walking out to the back deck and peeing into the bushes that ringed the deck and hid the posts under the deck for asthetics.

By full swing of the party, as many as 10 men at a time lined up and were peeing off the side of the deck into the bushes and there was a line of men 2 to 3 deep behind them waiting.

Having not found the missing girl in the house or around he house we were stumped. Would she have left? No, her friends said she would not have left without them and she did not get picked up by a guy.

While trying to figure out what to do next a pledge came running in and whispered something to a party captain.

He dashed outside and we followed. 


We walked down the deck stairs and around the side where men were peeing off in to the shrubs.

At first I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just guys taking a whiz, and then I saw it.

A shoe, with a foot attached to it, just poking out of the bushes.

Immediately someone ran onto the deck to stop guys from peeing into the bushes and one of the bros slowly grabbed the ankle and pulled.

As the leg came out we saw that it was attached to a body.

A wet body.

A wet smelly body.

Some one dragged the hose over and sprayed the missng girl down and this woke her up.

She sat up and we all stared at her as we realized tat for the last possibly 5 hours she had men peeing on her 10 at a time with a line behind them as she lay just out of sight under the bushes.

We carried her into the house where her friends cleaned her up.

As she sat it became very clear that she was drunk still but probably les so that she had been 5 hours ago.

She said she was folling around on the deck earlier and must have slipped on the rail and fell into the bushes.

No one had the heart to tell her that she had been basically peed on all night and she simply said "it must have rained."

Yes, yes it had.

Her friends took her home and no one ever said anything about it to her after that but whenever she was over we all silently knew her as Pee Girl.

To this day we still speak about her when we get together and I think to my self, "Wow...I wish we had that on video, we could have made millions."

Last I heard, Pee Girl is a Principal at a public school and also teaches swimming lessons in her spare time.

I find that ironic.

lol damn bro.

Horatio Gates - 

lol damn bro.

It was bad.

She smelled like urine and looked like she had just come out of a swimming pool.

She was soaked and you know that she had just been p*ssed on by basically a fire hydrant of penises.

I won`t lie, she was cute but no amount of cute would have even got me to get that picture out of my mind of seeing her getting pissed on by mutliple guys and knowing it had been 5 hours at least that it had gone on.

That story is golden! Phone Post 3.0

Tremendous. Phone Post 3.0

Braf Zachland - That story is golden! Phone Post 3.0

Truly a shower of info in this thread!

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Braf Zachland - That story is golden! Phone Post 3.0

Truly a shower of info in this thread!

i really like how he sprinkled the story out  in a steady stream

I will leave this thread satisfied and maybe a small fart, then wash my hands.

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