The pendejo guard- free craig jones instuctional

Mexican ground karate for you pendejos!!

he mentions eddie cummings who I haven’t seen or heard from in forever.
What happened to him after he left DDS?
Is he still out there? I think he suffered and injury a long time ago. Not sure, but I’m surprised that I never saw him on the comp scene again

He went to Unity for a bit, but word is that he dropped out of Jiujitsu completely and works in Finance

So basically it translates to @theraskal guard

What’s a “Guard”? Is it that Grappling stuff which is for GAYS and CHICKENS?

wow. Did not expect that, especially such a quiet exit. Like Barry Sanders retirement from football. I wonder if it was injury related.

He also had a weird love triangle with Anthony Bourdain and his ex-wife. When Bourdain killed himself was also around the time he dropped off the radar.