The People Want Hughes v. Penn

Dana, make it happen!!!

i really dont care about this fight


You must be a Hughes fan!



Penn x Hughes 2

Real MMA fans want it.

The people that say BJ has nothing to gain from it are misguided.

I am fake!!! NOOOOO



i don't care to see it. I don't really care to see Hughes fight Hallman either

Hughes is exciting to watch, I'd like to see him fight penn or hallman,
just keep fighting

Well, no one is really screaming for Hughes/Hallman right now are they?

Why would no one want to see Hughes fight the man who destroyed his shroud of invincibility?

I want to see Penn x Hughes 2

hear ye hear ye

The people want Hughes and Penn again in a fight

As one of the people, I can say that I want BJ Penn back in the UFC.

I don't care if he gets an immediate title match or not, as long as he's back.

TTT for BJ vs Hughes 2


BJ vs Trigg first

I want to see this fight. I think the outcome will be much different.

Penn outweighs Hughes by 100lbs. This fight can't happen.

I want to see it too. it seems that hughes got over that mental block or whatever it was when he seemed relieved to lose their first fight