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Phantom of the toilets floods British pub

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25-04-2006 18:28 G.M.T. LONDON (AFP)

Police in the north of England were summoned early by a pub landlord who found a ghost in his establishment's lavatories with a taste for flooding them.

Roger Froggatt and his wife, who run the Low Valley Arms in Darfield, Yorkshire, were woken up by the sound of their security alarm.

Froggatt, 55, went downstairs and was surprised to find in the pub's toilets a woman in a long white robe with only half a face.

When the police arrived the television sets in the bars started working. And as the officers entered the toilets the flushes began to work on their own, eventually flooding the place.

A police spokesman confirmed the ghost story, saying the officers had found a window open but it was "far too small for any entry to be gained".

The Froggatts took over the pub a year ago, even though there were rumours that spirits of more than one type were in the place.


just checking to see if ive been ignored by miss donna and dont know about it.


Sounds like a hoax to me.