The Philippines

To many good things to say about Manila... Friendly people and great service everywhere. I love this sport, It has taken me so many cool places and met some very amazing people. It was so funny walking through the mall, I felt like a basketball player rather than a fighter. Average hight here has to be around 5'2", Sherk is a giant if he came to Manila! haha

The fights should be great. Some great guys out here. Today is the training day and cant wait to roll and spar with all the boys! Seems to be a really solid promotion.

Have fun and becareful :-)

LOL... I SWEAR is saw that chick last night! It almost became another Tijuana's episode last night!

I love filipino women!

Just my 2 cents..

Awwwwwwww I wish I was there! I'M JEALOUS!!! =P

Aren't Filipinos such great people... hehe. :)

I do too... Just look at MISSRARA, I freaking love that girl.

Awwwww I ♥ you too Joker! :)

And Joker.. Uhh.. Just for the record.. I love u too

Joker , Ive been kinda lustin Ya some after seeing You in That New Red JWFA shirt at NAMMAE .

But Im wonderin , Why are You in Manila ???? You dont fight ?

The Philippines is a very funny subject for me... I still am not allowed to talk about my Philippino relationship untill certain things are done...

Yes I was a part of the company and there long before the show. I fight professionally and have my own gym. Since I have left Sprawlilla has taken me in and gave me a new home!

To bad certain people don't understand the meaning of take care of the people who take care of you !

HKP , Your sticker is in My Luggage ! But its here !

LOL... good one TOWE!!!!

shit, wish I was in the Phillipines...

I was supposed to be on this card...

What happened Tara? :(

I see balls....i feel dirty now.

LOL at no else getting grossed out by the picture.

HI GUMBY!!!!!!!!

Honestly, drag queens are a big part of Filipino Entertainment on television out there.


RaRa and Jokers flirting is making me sick. I hit it first RARA. Take the
leftovers if you want! But lemme know how I taste!