The Pilliga Scrub

...One story in particular, that of a man who called in to an Australian talk radio program with an unusual story, was particularly unnerving. As the caller's tale goes, the fellow, identifying himself only as "Bongo," had dialed the popular Australian radio program Overnights, which was featuring a number of strange legends and stories from a dense wooded area known as the Pilliga Scrub. While recounting his apparent encounter with a "Yowie" there in 1978, the man begins to get rather frantic upon being asked to describe a creature he could only refer to (after much stuttering and loss of composure) as "horrible." Below is a link to audio from the original call in:

"Bongo and the Beast"

What was the horrible creature that Bongo claimed to have encountered, which left him decades later in an asylum? It is worth noting that there is no such "Happy Day Stay Retreat" known to exist anyplace near the locales "Bongo" mentions during his call, lending to the theory that the caller may have actually been pulling a prank. Additionally, Bongo's strange account later served as the inspiration for an odd play called "Acacia Hills," in which two hairy, slightly feral sisters kidnap a man and whisk him off into the Pilliga Scrub, much as Bongo claimed had happened to him in 1978. Is there any truth to this bizarre story (which, in spite of my lack of prior knowledge, has made the rounds at a few sites in the last few months)? Or is it merely another prank that, while well executed, has merely left us guessing what dangers may lurk in the remotest parts of Australia's Outback?