The Pit has a new site

ttt for anything to do with Hackleman

ttt for Pitmaster and the Pit!

Gary Hughes

Melissa... you better behave... You DO NOT want to be on my sheeet list.

ttt for nachos!



Quote from the site...

"Chuck Liddell and The Pit vctorious again. Chuck Liddell showed why not only he is the best in the world, but also why The Pit, and Hawaiian Kempo is the strongest martial art in the world"

Does chuck represent Hawaiian Kempo now?

Aside from that, good site design.

Newsflash...Chuck does represent The Pit, and Kempo (he has both tatooed on his arm)... Nogiera "pepresents" The BTT, and BJJ. as Yoshida reresents Judo. Anyways the site is mainly for my students (75% kids), and Chuck provides them with a lot of pride is our school and our art.

Nothing beats "Pit Pride"...

The Pit is AWESOME!

Too talented. First fighting and now taking over the surfing scene too.

Pitmaster...Hawaiian Kempo is great, but I want to hear about the Hawaiian torture techniques. I even have someone for you to demonstrate on, the Underground's own: YourFather.

Gary Hughes don't want to hear about our S&M torture (and pleasure) techniques... because if you did you would be corupted for life, and never be able to have "normal" sex again.


I thought Mario Sperry was your BJJ instructor. Will you be having some more info on him on your website?

Nice new site

Hey Eric, it's ohana like you that help make The Pit what it is. There's been alot of love put into this little Hawaiian Kempo thing, that love and dedication by everyone who takes part is what keeps everyone coming back...Oh, and I think The Pitmaster might have something to do with it...him and his "techniques" ;-)

melissa just wanted too say wassup!!i been with chuck the last couple days dont worry he is takeing it easy we just ate sushi...hey when you see him tell him jonli said he needs a squirt..dont forget ha!k take care

Hey Rocknroll -

What's uuuupppp!!Miss you guys, man! Yeah pitmaster is the catalyst of this !