The possession of the kingdom

The possession of the kingdom

"Strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. We must go through many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God." ( Acts, 14:22 )

The Gospel fools no one in its teachings.

The preoccupation of the believers intending to suborn the Divine forces is vulgar. But, it will not be at the price of many masses, many hymns, and numerous psychic spiritual sessions, that the individual will effect the sublime acquisition of lofty spirituality.

Naturally, all edificating practice must be taken advantage of as a helpful element; however, every human being is compelled in his personal efforts toward illumination.

The Glad Tidings do not distribute indulgences at the world´s price, and each person encounters innumerable paths toward ascension.

Temples and instructors multiply and each one offers parcels of help or assistance, in the orientation service. However, the entrance and possession of eternal inheritance is verified by way of just testimonies.

This is not accidental. It is a necessary and logical measure.

No rare statues are improvised without the action of the chisel, just as the wheat is not picked unless the soil has been tilled.

More than a few students are accustomed to interpreting certain advice from the Gospel as excessive exhortation to suffering; however, what appears to them to be an obsession because of the pain, is imperative for the education of the soul for eternal life.

There will not be one individual able to find infinite estuary of the divine energy without undergoing the tribulations of Earth.

Personality without a struggle, on the Planetary Crust, is a narrow soul. Only work and self-sacrifice, difficulties and obstacles, as elements for progress and personal improvement can give the individual assessment of his grandeur.

Our daily bread - Emmanuel - Francisco C Xavier.