The POWER of a PDR commitment...

This just in from Robb Finlayson, I thought it was particularly inspiring. The Mental Edge has always been more of a philosophical forum for me...while many look for it to hone or polish their fighting skills, the ultimate fight is the fight of fear and how it is addressed in 'daily' life.

Fear management, understanding the 'Cycle of Behavior' is part of anyone's evolutionary process.

I hope Robb's letter inspires many of you to seriously investigate the PDR process, I hope it reinvigorates some of you who have commited to the program but have let 'real life' drain some of your passion, but most of all, I hope everyone sees and reads in RObb's letter the passion and growth and application this behaviorally based system can have on personal growth.


Tony Blauer

The letter appears next:

Letter from Robb Finlayson


First of all I have to give you the bad news.....I will not be able to attend the Advanced Session at the end of the month due to a few things. Number 1)

I have been invited to do a presentation on Fear Management to a group of Safety Officers (not LEO...This is construction related) that belong to the "Petro Chemical Safety Council" that resides in Edmonton. How this got set up was really interesting.

I took a weekend course on Leadership in Safety Excellence which is sponsored by the industrial sector. Anyway, part of the course required everyone to do a 10-15 minute speech on anything. This was for public speaking purposes, so that we as supervisors get a chance to be "put on the spot" Of course my topic was on Fear Management and the Cycle Of Behavior....a lot to talk about in 15 minutes. Much to my surprise some of these guys with a wealth of construction experience could not even get up in front of us ( 70 people) to speak.
The instructor asked for volunteers to go first and of course I wanted to go first [ challenged mind-set :-) ]. I went up to the board and created a business type scenario utilizing your FEAR management concepts and tied it all into the Cycle of Behavior. I blew these guys a way....not only did the instructor ask me to keep going, but my whole presentation was 30 minutes and after, the instructor started clapping with the group. Man was that ever a good feeling. Obviously I honored the sources of education, by talking about you and your well as passing your business card around so they could check out your website.

The course instructor gave me his business card and wanted to book me right away for a two hour presentation for the end of the month...hence the fact I cannot make it to the advanced session.

My professional life is absolutely taking off. I received another promotion and I am now taking care of the scaffolding and carpentry end of a 1.8 billion dollar project. The cost of scaffolding and carpentry will be as much as 20-30 million dollars. The provincial power company (Transalta Utilities) is expanding there power plants. I owe all of my success to you and your coaching. I cannot thank you enough for the education you have and continue to give to me. I get a lot of inquiries on how someone so young has received so much responsibility...I tell them "Tony Blauer". They look at me funny, until I give them the whole story.

On my desk at work I have a diagram of the Cycle of Behavior as well the THREE Golden Rules. I embrace those three rules daily. success have come from within your company and your research.

I have a PDR seminar tomorrow for 6 hours....looks like a good turn out 25 people. My life is increasingly busy, but I love it.

I would like to attend one of your SPEAR instructor certification courses sometime this summer before me and my wife attend the next PDR in August. I have been training really hard and I have made a lot of progress on my physical skills.

The more I train and teach , the more value I find.

BTW: The good news is a little carried away with my email to you.

I am very disappointed that I can not make the session....I had planned on being at every single one until the day I die :-)!!!

Please give my best to Jesse and the kids and please send my regards to the whole Blauer Family. Look forward to seeing you soon. Have fun in LA...wish I could be there.

Your student,

Robb Finlayson

PDR Coach


Youdaman!! Very inspiring!

Strength & Honor

Naso Karas

PDR Team and COACH,

First of all I would like to apologize for my absense from the forum. I have been really working on my professional development with the PDR as well as my day job. I have been working on getting some powerpoint presentations together since the beginning of the year based upon my PDR seminars. It is a time consuming process, and the demands on my schedule affect my desire for quick completion.

The one thing I really stress in my PDR seminars is the fact that Blauer Tactical Systems is all about "LIFE" education and not just self defense.

My seminar today was a success. It was 6 hours long and followed the same template I have been using since day one. I have refined a few things along the way, and always keep my audience in mind.

I have made a returns on my investment from day one. And I re-invest my seminar monies back into training with the PDR Team.

I am spending lots of time with my wife, getting her ready for the August session. She is a huge asset in assisting me with the seminars. You can never have enough role players.

I STILL plan on opening my own school soon. I should have had one already...but I know it will come.

Take care guys and thankd for all of your encouragement and words of wisdom.

Your teamate,


Thanks for Walking the Walk!



I thought I was busy. You have given me a much needed breath of new life into my commitment to the upcoming PDR in August.



Thanks so much the inspiration your actions provide to all of the PDR team. You are so right about Tony's concepts being "life" education...

Tony has helped many of us with so many things in so many areas.

I'm really proud of you Robb.

I can't wait to see your school.

Take Care,