"The Power of One" - Novel

My favourite book of all time. An awesome story of a boy's courage and inner strength.

'No stranger to the injustice of racial hatred, five-year-old Peekay learns the hard way the first secret of survival and self-preservation - the power of one. An encounter with amateur boxer Hoppie Groenewald inspires in Peekay a fiery ambition - to be welterweight champion of the world.

In for adding to my reading list Phone Post 3.0

might check out...

I've read it four times and it's massive every time.

Movie sucked. Be warned. Phone Post 3.0

Best book I've ever read. I read it 20 years ago. I've never read a book twice but you've made me decide to read this again. Will buy a copy today Phone Post 3.0

Bryce Courtney's books are all excellent!!

Some more of my favourites are...
Tomo and hawk
The potato factory
Solomons song

And a very tragic tale about his son contracting hiv through blood transfusions called April fools day Phone Post 3.0

I never read the book but I bought it because I saw the movie when I was a kid, and I loved it. Phone Post 3.0

Fiction? Phone Post 3.0

Not read the book but the movie soundtrack fucking rocks. Movie was okish, but some awesome African-ish music.

So its basically Hans Zimmer tunes, with African choirs. And it kinda works. Check it out:


Eight punch combination FTW

I read it 20 years so...amazing book. Phone Post 3.0

Hey pisskop,

That's my fav book too. Good fuckin man

Ill read that one if you read Lazuras and the Hurricane. Phone Post 3.0

Best book I've read. Read it 3 times throughout my life. Powerful shit.

Also read all his other books. Phone Post 3.0

Subbed Phone Post 3.0

I've lent the book out many times and have ended up buying a new copy because it never gets returned.

I've met more people who claim it's their favourite book than any other.

War PK! Phone Post 3.0

This was the only book I finished during high school that was assigned to me! Phone Post 3.0

I'll read it. Phone Post 3.0

King Trav - I'll read it. Phone Post 3.0
You'll love it. I never want it to end-everytime. Phone Post 3.0