The PPVs are overpriced now

And that’s on top of the ESPN subscription. Ridiculous.


Agree 100%.

That’s why I don’t buy it


Fact check true

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I’m not buying tonight.

How much is it?

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Idk too much


Walked 10 minutes to the local corner bar that shows the PPVs. Got there just as the women’s fight was starting. Spent $10 ($8 + $2 tip) on a double shot of maker’s mark and was out the door right after Conor effed up his ankle.

I’m lucky to live so close to a bar that shows the fights.


When I was a bigger UFC fan, we would make a night out of it.

Sports bar, food, drinks etc

Now it’s kinda meh.

Will always love MMA but TG for the BKFC.

How can free be overpriced? I don’t understand.

I have to agree. Now that it’s streamed via espn+ and fightpass etc the original ppv model is outdated.

The ppv events should be part of the subscription or a fraction of the current price. If it was fair priced they would do more numbers

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I miss the days of making a night out of it by getting together at a guy’s house and a handful of guys throwing in for the fights. For a variety of reasons those are largely a thing of the past for me.