The Pride and Sorrow of Resilient Fighters..

There always feels like there is something heroic about fighters that can take a great deal of punishment, stay in there until the bitter end and come out on top. We stand in awe as they absorb the onslaught and often find these fighters more appealing to watch or admire.

They accomplish a great deal sometimes...overcoming obstacles and making them a model for the phrase "Never give up"

But the problem is that they never give up...when it might be time to acknowledge that mother nature has been patient enough. There is only so long you can throw yourself under a car before it will actually kill you.

So we don't see these heroic efforts anymore, we see mistakes and slowing down. What used to take punishment and come back now just takes punishment... but we should always remember that the soul inhabiting that body is still the same soul that carried them as far as they had come.

I can only wish for the best of luck and best of health for these courageous individuals.