The Prison Industrial Complex Explained


Jesus Christ.

Just call it the prison industry. Sounds far less neckbeard retard.

Lighten up Francis.

Me and the family are good, my man. Twins are close to finishing up the second year at DVC. Life moves fast.

Keep up the fight, my man.

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“Got that WMD right cheer right cheer”

“Got that Rock-a-fella yo!”

I think the proper ratio would need to be exonerations vs. convictions, not executions.

Exonerations mean someone was scheduled to die. The ratio is horrific. That means they have been wrongfully convicted and REPEATEDLY turned down in the appeals process. In some cases the DNA evidence clears them and the state requests an Alford plea (plead guilty to a lesser charge and be let out on parole and not be allowed to sue) or actually prosecutes them all over again and loses. Utter bullshit. The death penalty is a fail and needs to be eliminated.

Its pretty simple. End the war on drugs. Government has no right to tell another adult what they should put into their body…war on drugs creates black markets, black markets create other crime.

That doesn’t even go into the trillions spent on policing and fighting an endless war. This has bankrupted cities and taken away from infrastructure and quality of life projects to fund bloated police departments and an over crowded judicial system.

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So much this.