The Problem with Ideologies...

The problem with ideologies - no matter what the color or flag - is that they are co-opted, governed & administrated by power-hungry people.

No matter how noble the idea - saving the earth, Allah, God, Communism, a new Germany - somehow, the true ideologues are brushed aside, or killed, and the power-hungry remain. Throughout history this has been born out.

The religious leaders killed Christ because he threatened their power. Communism is a particularly notorious example of this. The communists who preached "power to the peasants" used the masses to amass power & wealth. True ideologues like Che are killed and the megalomaniacal Castro remains. Pol Pot uses the people to overthrow a corrupt government, then kills the only potential threat to his power - the educated - and installs a regime of terror and poverty.

The power-hungry are a different breed of person. The exist in large organizations and small ones. Common goals, ideologies and values don't matter to these people. Those with high positions in Communist Russia easily transitioned into high positions in the Russian mob after the overthrow. High-ranking Nazis tried to transition into the business world but were hunted down by persistent Israelis. In their minds, it's simply a game of musical chairs. The game changes, the pimp stays a pimp. The acquisition of power is all that matters.

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