The problem with the Walking Dead(spoilers?)

I loves the first season.. The second seaso. Was not bad.. But they need to move the story forward.

The only key milestone of the story is when we discovered through that scientist that they are all infected..

After that.. They just dropped the whole mystery part and made it strictly about survival.

They need to move the story forward... What truly caused this.. Is there actually somewhere in the world that isnt fully infected.. The search for the cure.. Whatever..

Now its just repetitive crAp! Phone Post 3.0

Observation: each day, why don't they bang on the prison fence and have the walkers come to them so they can kill them with a crowbar through the head. In a few short weeks they could eradicate 100's of walkers.

Yup, it isn't about the disease or whatever that caused the zombies. It's never been addressed in the book aside from the everyone is infected thing. It isn't an outbreak story . . . Phone Post 3.0

People are retarded. So you want to know where it came from... What then? Where can you go from there? Maybe for the finale but do you realize how stupid it would be to give out the only mystery in the story during the 3rd season? Fucking retards man. Phone Post 3.0

The thing is, the zombies are secondary to what they are telling the stories about. The show and comics aren't about zombies.

They could easily be aliens, fat hungry bitches, illegal aliens, doesn't matter. The dead are just there to move shot along and give the characters a threat. Phone Post 3.0