The proper Bloody Marry drink

I never was a big fan of tomato drinks. Then I went to a wedding in Detroit. They has a bar dedicated to these spicy bloody marry drinks made with Mc Clure’s. I tried one and liked the kick it had. The flavor was pretty good. So I learned that it was a local favorite.

Mc Clures bloody marry mix and pickes:

So I then tried a bloody marry in a can. The only real reason I tried it was because its made in San Diego. This is a very spicy drink and only for pros.

Cutwater Bloody Marry:


From my table

Love Bloody Mary’s. Problem for me is I drink them too fast.


Go to drink if u have a bad hangover


I had two at son’s wedding and I was crashed!

Clamato and El Yucatero…delicious.

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Alcohol and tomato is not a good mix

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Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern. Black cardamom is the secret ingredient.

@Slydawg Now try a Bloody Maria and your mind will be blown!

I will be buying those ingredients for next weekends UFC

The best Bloody Mary I’ve had was at a fancy see food restaurant, they were slightly thicker than normal and had an oyster in the bottom. Great way to get drunk and enjoy oysters

Sly, have you had a chavela?

I prefer Caesars. Caesar (cocktail) - Wikipedia


Salt. Tabasco. Tomato juice.

I spent lockdown last year fucking around making bloody mary mixes. I’d make one now but I think my juice will be off, need to get some more

A screwdriver always worked better for me. Heavy on the OJ.


One-two of them if I’m not feeling it and then the beers will go down good.

Same. Canada’s greatest contribution to the world



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