The pros don't angle the triangle?

Hey, it rhymes (kind of)! :)

Anyway, we talked about this before, but maybe other people have their opinion on this:

Every now and then people ask (on the net) how to finish the triangle choke and the answer they always get is "turn and get an angle, preferably perpendicular". Yet, I think that 99% of the triangles I've seen in MMA and submission grappling aren't done with this angling.

So I ask - WTF? Just check out all the video clips of triangle finishes that roam the net and you'll see no angling (almost never).



yeah mino never does that shit

I can never ever get a triangle unless I am off at these 45 degrees... It is like how ALOT of pros go for a guillotine choke with the arm in...

Yeah, the pros must either be supermen, or -Loki- hit the nail right on the head.

I think the circumfrence of the thigh in relation to the length of the leg plays an important role in some peoples ability to get away with not angling. As well as the opponents chest/lat/shoulder size.

in all sports, the angles become more subtle as skill increases. for a white belt, you are taught to due a huge exxagerrated swing to 90 degreesm while it "appears" that busta or mino don't do this.

you cant telegraph against skilled opponents, the pros still switch angles but not as obvious. you must train your eye grasshopper.

It's called alot of pros aren't solid Bjj guys.

sometimes you dont need to angle yourself. I only angle myself if its not already very tight. as long as you have good head control and your opponenets arm secured in front of his throat you should be golden.

i tried to lead you to the well of knowledge, yet you still refust to drink.

There is also flexibility to take into account. If you have stiff hips you will have to angle just to get the foot in the knee.

fletchmonger is correct


Actually, I never attempt to get any angle until AFTER I have the triangle half locked and this is very similar to how many pros do it - except they don't do the angle step. So here's how I do it:

1. Get a half-sunk triangle with one arm in, one arm out of my guard. I haven't got ANY angle yet - which is fine.

2. Get the arm across.

3. Open my legs, grab my shin, put a foot on his hip and turn to get the angle.

4. Re-close my triangle and choke him out.

The pros seem to skip step number 3 - ALWAYS (almost).


That's the first time I've heard that.

"bomb" meaning exactly what in this context? :)

To make it easier to close you have to make sure that your leg going over is right on top his neck from beginning to end. Otherwise you risk get the shoulder more involved between the closing point of your 2 legs (See Nog vs. Enson); which makes it harder to close.

To skip step three, do step 1 and 2, but then (lets say your left leg is over top) take your left hand and grab his shorts at his right hip or underhook his right leg with you left arm and pull. This will help you turn to the angle you want. This prevents you from having to open your legs with the risk of him slipping out.


Great thread. I've wondered about this ever since Royce put a triangle on Severn.

Just pull down on his head hella hard. He will tap.