The pros don't angle the triangle?

Oh I forgot, pulling the head down (before the triangle is fully on) helps you put your leg across his neck more easily.

I lock the triangle fully, then start to reach for his leg, underhooking it to keep him from lifting me off the ground. This creates something of an angle without lettting him slip out.

Pulling the head down is for control and preventing your opponent to make posture before you have managed to lock the triangle.

After you have managed to lock the choke pulling opponents head is not necessay. What you need to do is to squeese your KNEES together and if you want to use oyur hands too the you can assist that by pushing oyur knees together with your hands too.

It is a blood choke. He will go out... if he does not tap.

If you pull the head hard you may get some people to tap because it is a bit like neck crank - feels like it but in reality you are not choking your opponent.

a tough skilled opponent will not tap to that and will start trying escape techniques. That is why you need to have the choke applied correctly so that it becomes a blood choke like it is supposed to.

And when you have it locked and details correctly he can lift you and slam you if he does it immediately. It does not matter becuase he will not do it again because he will be sleeping.


underhooking is good thing to do



- Liquid_Technique

Thanks for the input, LT, biggy-g and androushka.

How do you guys like to adjust the triangle if you feel that the guy is not tapping and you need more angle?

Are there any other ways than

a) underhooking his leg and spin


b) grabbing your shin that's across his neck, unlocking your legs, posting on his hip with your other foot, spin and re-lock your triangle.


Sometimes it has actually worked for me to use nothing more than the side of my abs to spin, doing it in several jerks.

How about the possibility that you aren't doing anything wrong but that he is doing something correctly to counter your triangle attempt-in that case I so enjoy the triangle armbar.

Back to the original question though-I find underhooking a leg and pulling on the head to be more important than angling off when trying to finish though I do agree angling off is an effective finish.

sometimes peoples legs are so long or their flexibility is so good that they can lock it either way. alxh, your long legs should help your triangle, not hurt it.

alxh, make sure you close your trianle so that your foot underneath his knee is pointing to the sky. ie. your foot is bent in a 90 degree angle with its shin. This should eliminate some space. Bend your other foot upwards while your at it. Someimes the angling in your case might not even help. Experiment.

Squeezing your knees together as LT mentioned will also help.

Its all flexibility with the high level triangle experts. Watch Eddie vs Royler for a good example of that. Eddie's one hip is made of rubber.

I don't need to angle. The reason is superb flexibility. You can make the angle with your lower body w/out moving your upper body. It's quicker that way, less telegraphed, and you will NOT escape my triangle, sucka!

"..i'll try different stuff.."

Ya do some squats and assisted dead lifts (see Q&A Conditions for more details) so that you can beef up yer legs. That'll choke em good!

some people have really flexible hips too, to where they can rotate them without swivileing the rest of their body to 90 degrees.

What about the Eddie vs Royler method of trapping the leg?

eddie did trap the leg, he overhooked it.

Minotauro has insanely long and thin legs, which are perfect for the triangle. Alot of guys who do certain moves brilliantly, not only have mastered them, but chose moves that work well with their body type.

Too bad my legs are short and stubby. My triangles blow. I can pull off the triangle from the armbar counter though ( when they lock their hands, shoot your leg behind their neck and grab ).

Some guys are made for triangle( have long legs) and don´t need the angle, while other shorter thick guys can´t do it unless they use some angle. I know some guys who don´t do triangles cause they aren´t made for them. Flexibility is good for triangles also. IMO


Because it's easy to say do this and that then it is to actually do it against pro fighters. Everyone knows the triangle and how to defend it.

I recall reading that Bravo trades making sure the arm is fully across for pulling the living shit out of the head.

FletchMonster is correct.It's like when you drill a high crotch in wrestling,you have to chase for a good angle and exaggerate the angle,because the person will not be going 50-75% in a match.Well,atleast that's how I try to think about it.