The Punisher (Thomas Jane one)

I watched it tonight, really enjoyed it. I've read i'd say a handfull of Punisher comics including the origin so i'm no expert on Castle (other than knowing he's ghey and Wolverine pwned him).Good film imo or am I way off the mark? Certainly better than Daredevil

punisher pwns wolverine, sorry.

No he doesnt but what did you think of the film?

I thought it was impossible to make an Ennis story so lame, but it happened.

Also, yeah he does.

LOL,no he doesn't.

"LOL,no he doesn't."

Big Pun rolled over Wolvie with a streamroller.

How much more pwnage do you want?

Maybe shooting him in the face a little. Oh, wait, he's done that too.

grenades, fire


now granted, this is all written by Ennis, but Punisher is more than capable of fucking up regular Wolverine, provided they don't suddenly recognize each other at a telephone booth or something.

I don't know how Punisher would do against Hydra-powered-up Enemy of The State Wolverine, though.

"I don't know how Punisher would do against Hydra-powered-up Enemy of The State Wolverine, though."


well, the teleportation device would be a fucking bitch to handle.

the security breaker stuff wouldn't help much against Ennis Punisher, who is pretty low tech.

War Journal Pun has high tech goodies, so it might be useful against him.

I think Wolvie is pretty set on killing Castle already, so the rage upgrade is of limited help.

having Hydra resources backing Wolvie would hurt Castle big time. But Castle has the Nick Fury/SHIELD ace in the hole, with Ennis.. no so much in War Journal.

it wasn't great or what I would have liked, but it wasn't complete shit either.

fair enough.

Johnny Blaze just exacted punishment on the correct.

The movie was fine as a direct-to-video Death Wish knock-off, but it was piss-poor as a punisher movie.

The problem, imo, is that it was completely average in every area. Change the character's name to Frank Cassell and it would have been just another movie. In fact, it was Punisher in name only.

I was sooooo disappointed. :( :( :(

Any1 thinks Christian Bale could play Frank Castle? The Afghan scene in Harsh Times where Bale was killing Talibans with a skull mask reminded me of the Punisher.

acting-wise, absolutely.

unfortunately he doesn't really look like Punisher. Too British Isle (he's from NZ). Then again, Thomas Jane doesn't look much closer, just a little bit.

Howabout bring by SYVESTER play an old frank castle.

I think JB nailed it.

I vaguely remember watching one of the "making of" documentaries where the director claimed the budget and schedule were cut at the last minute...forcing them to not shoot their intended opening scene. That "missing" scene has been restored in a deluxe version of the film on dvd. I've not seen it, but I read reviews that claim the movie is significantly improved by the restoration.

teh movie was just fine...what a bunch of whiney bitches........

I liked the movie.