The Punisher (Thomas Jane one)

I enjoyed it.

I was expecting more from the movie - specifically, about 10x more bodies and 100x more bullets fired ;-)

I really enjoyed it, it showed his badass style.

Punisher even owned Wolverine when Wolvie was King of the Vampires and had all those powers in addition to his own.

I liked them taking the 3 characters who were in the run-down hotel directly from a Garth Ennis story arc; that and including the "Russian." Hopefully Jigsaw is next.

Ever since Tim Bradstreet starting doing the comic book covers, I've always pictured Thomas Ian Griffith as Frank Castle.

i could have done without travolta though.........

Excellent call, Liyon - TIG is perhaps a bit taller and lankier than Ennis' Punisher, but otherwise scruffy him up and he'd be perfect

I liked the Punisher movie.

i liked it, should have gone with the quadrapeligic crime boss (courtesy of punisher via polar bear) in stead of travolta

and punisher beats wolvie

Everyone knows Dolph Lundgren is the real punisher

that movie was even worse

Nope, Lundgrens Punisher was way better, lol.

The scene where he bursts into the "Ninja Room" was worth the price of a rental alone.

"and punisher beats wolvie"

No he doesn't!!!

Wolverine rules!

Runs away like a teenager that just threw a rock through someone's front window

wolvie does rule

yeah, he rules the domain of getting owned by the Punisher

Lundgrens Punisher at the end wasnt he naked for absolutely no reason? Lol

"yeah, he rules the domain of getting owned by the Punisher "


I know it's not "realistic," but "Confederation of Dunces" should be required reading. I've never laughed so hard about a Punisher/ Wolverine conflict.

yeah, i loved that shit