THE Punk Talks Bones

JT doesn’t think UFC 295 should be the end of the road for Jones.

In November, the UFC will return to the prestigious Madison Square Garden with two championship fights in tow.

After light heavyweights Jiří Procházka and Alex Pereira collide in the UFC 295 co-main event, the 205-pound belt’s former holder will headline proceedings with the first defense of his newly won gold.

This past March, the great Jon Jones returned from a three-year layoff in pursuit of glory at a new weight. And in his first taste of heavyweight action, “Bones” dominantly submitted former interim champion Ciryl Gane to win the vacant heavyweight title.
Now, Jones will make a second appearance in a calendar year for the first time since 2019, but it could also mark his farewell.

On November 11, the Rochester native will welcome heavyweight legend Stipe Miocic back to the Octagon over two years on from his knockout defeat at the hands of Francis Ngannou.

Ahead of the contest, Jones has repeatedly teased retirement, branding the upcoming fight as the perfect sendoff. One former Strikeforce champion, however, can’t see that happening.

Thomson: Jones Can Prolong Career At Heavyweight

During an episode of the Weighing In podcast with John McCarthy earlier this month, ex-UFC fighter-turned-analyst Josh Thomson gave his take on Jones’ retirement talk leading up to the MSG card.

Although a successful defense of his place on the heavyweight throne would further enhance Jones’ legacy and leave him with little more to accomplish, “The Punk” believes the point of his move up should be to prolong his career in the cage.

“Jon doesn’t need to fight very often because he makes so much money,” Thomson said. "He can pick and choose when he wants to fight… He was talking about he may even retire after he beats Stipe. I can’t imagine him retiring.

“You go to the heavyweight division because it can prolong your career because you’re better than all of them. You don’t have to worry about them being faster than you and more athletic than you because you’re faster and more athletic, and you’re the same size,” Thomson continued. “I don’t know. I look at it as he could be there for a while, into his forties.”
It remains to be seen whether or not Jones’ retirement talk will come to fruition, win or lose at UFC 295. But with his opponent’s layoff and veteran status, it stands to reason that at least one farewell could be likely on November 11.

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