The PWF Still Loves The Filthy

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Sometimes you got to put over the other talent to get yourself over.

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Lawlor should have won via DQ.

Per the unified rules of MMA & Georgia Championhip Wrestling (section 11.2, paragraph three):

"It is the reponsibility of the victor to wake up his/her opponent  after a sleeper hold by either

a. sitting the opponent upright, massaging the trapezius area, and delivering a sharp slap to the center of the back


b. Laying the opponent on their back and covering their face with a mystical, ceremonial garment

Failure to do so within a ten count shall result in immediate disqualification."

Weidman did neither. Certainly Lawlor's manager is aware of this and an appeal filed.

See below for an example:


 I filed the paperwork as soon as the fight ended.