The Queen Of England Just Died

Thats way less than those deep fried mars bar eating fat fucks cost the nhs per day

Lol @ all the confused yanks

Its over now, relax

The world is such a better place without that old bitch, Queen Elizabeth, breathing the same air anymore.

Everything smells fresher.


Lol lol lol lol lol lol…

“The death is irreversible… the fact that she’s trapped”


That old lady smell really does get into everything.



That was unusually shite for limmy… he’s usually funny…

In todays day and age, where most people are hardly even religious, at what use is a king or queen?

missed the point. could care less about a day off for mourning. on a whim, federal workers rates went to OT - unbudgeted. to keep healthcare going - we don’t shut down on holidays was an expensive cluster fuck

Outside of England, nobody gives a fuck. Shit, im sure a lot of countries are rejoicing.